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Step #1

Speed up your business with ERP

Companies that use ERP in their day-to-day operations have the following advantages:

  • smarter and faster decision making process through instant access to business reports
    • better accounting control - know your Cash Flow, P&L, Debtors etc.
    • better inventory control - replenish your stock just in time

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  • efficiency and speed in operations, which in turn result in
    • more satisfied customers
    • increase in market share
    • reduction in costs
    • Better price control
    • improvement in competitiveness

We recommend Odoo ERP. As a comprehensive business management software, odoo is becoming increasingly popular in Myanmar and across the region as an affordable alternative to other well-known ERP brands. It is flexible, easy to use, and trusted by many organisations.

Step #2

Start selling online

Odoo's ecommerce feature makes it truly easy to sell your products online with only a few simple steps. Here's how:

  • Integrated Payment Processing to accept online payments as well as cash on delivery:
    • Visa/ MasterCard etc.
    • Myanmar Payment Union (MPU)
    • mBanking, iBanking
    • Mobile Wallet

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  • Showcase, publish, unpublish products from the ERP database at the click of a button
  • Automatic updates to stock quantities in warehouse with every sales/delivery
  • Automatic Purchase Order generation when stock levels are low
  • Real time view of online Sales Orders
  • Plus all the well-known features of a modern e-Commerce site
eCommerce by Yoma Technologies
Sell Sell Sell

Reach more customers with Yoma Mobile Sales App

Fully integrated with Odoo, our Android app enables sales teams on the road to sell OFFLINE as well as ONLINE:

  • built-in barcode scanner (software module, no need to buy barcode readers)
  • pocket-sized mobile POS printer
  • realtime sales and stock monitoring with integrated Inventory, Sales and Accounting
  • optional Fleet Management with GPS-tracking
Mobile sales app by Yoma technologies

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