BirdView GPS Tracking

Monitor the movements of your teams online and in real-time with BirdView, our own brand of GPS Tracking System. Ideal tool for logistics operations, field support teams, land surveyors and more.


  • Realtime tracking of individual or groups of devices
  • Multi-media messaging between mobile device and control centre
  • Automatic GPS monitoring based on a weekly schedule
  • Search and display snapshots of past device movements
Logistic Fleet

Logistics Fleets

BirdView provides accurate and timely data you need to manage a more efficient and effective fleet. See where your fleet is on a real time basis, and change where a vehicle is heading at a moment's notice.

Field Technicians

Land Survey

Tracing current and past journeys around the country is easier with BirdView. You can record the path you followed on surveying trips, and save and pin photos along the path for future reference.

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